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Here are some of the things I have directed:


Click HERE for a Full Resume! 



Wet Tiger, Saratoga Springs 2016, directed by Celeste Cahn.jpg

(Dumb) Wet Tiger

Glengary glenn escalator.png

Glengarry Glen Escalator

Providence, RI 2014

By Euripides freely adapted by Robinson Jeffers. 

"Do not assume that millennia of history have infused “Medea” with the sanctity of a relic: The lifeblood of desecration coursing through the play’s ancient vena cava is as turgid and potent today as it was in its 431 BC debut." - Brown Daily Herald

Orchard Project, Saratoga Springs 2016

Written by Austin Dowling (see more of his work here!)

Part of a 24 hour play festival and performed in and around Congress Park Reflecting pool. 

Alex and Isaac struggle with their relationship as Alex searches for her plastic tiger in the fountain after Isaac threw it in to get her back for constantly leaving him.   

The PIT NYC 2017

Written by Calvin Cole, Emily Duncan, and Jon Hudson. 

A comedy about two escalator salesman who have to prove their worth when the big boss shows up to tell the office that all but two of them will soon be without jobs. But they don't quite agree about the lengths to which they will go to sell an escalator and save their jobs. 

Medea Clip

Medea Clip

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