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Who am I?

Truthfully I am just constantly trying to figure this out.

I am an actor/director/writer from New Orleans, Louisiana and based in NYC. I graduated from Brown University with a degree in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies and History (with a focus on Radical Social Change) recipient of the M.H. Hicks award for promising woman graduate in theatre. I performed as Third Witch in Macbeth and Ariel in The Tempest at the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival. And in a workshop of Clown Iliad in Lenox, MA. In New York, I performed A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch at the Tank and in Shakespeare's Clowns (The Players), The Great Filter (Barton Booth), a reading of Because I am your Queen (Like a Girl), Uncynical Queer Joy is the Solution to the Rise of Global Fascism (Good Work Gallery) and Amelia and Pippi (Unicorn Gallery). 
I also worked with Ten Thousand Things Theatre in Minneapolis and am very interested in the intersection between social justice and theatre particularly when it comes to the issue of mass incarceration.  

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