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Here are some of the projects I am working on!

Some of these have been done, some are in progress!

A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch


Once upon a time, there was a young girl, and she was not a princess or a pretty girl waiting to be a princess. Her hair got in her face and her mouth. Her dress did not fan out around her when she sat down. And she did not see a happily ever after on the horizon. A LADY DOES NOT SCRATCH HER CROTCH looks at how growing up in the shadow of a particular Disney princess can be confusing, confining and at times consuming.

Click here or look below for the trailer!

In addition to the show itself I lead discussions/workshops to go along with the show if requested. 

A Hand-Washing Story 


See how your hands are dealing with Coronavirus.  Note, this content is not G-rated 

REDACTED: A Robert MuellErotica 

Writer/Sexy Robert Mueller

His jaw set in that way only Robert Mueller’s jaw could. His lips pulled tight. As he began to speak. And as his mouth began to list off the newest set of indictments, we fell down in ecstasy. And waited.

In REDACTED: A Robert MuellErotica or Do Me, Mr. Mueller! two women explore their relationship to America and the news, inviting you to delve into your wildest political and sexual fantasies alongside them. Even the White House itself gets involved! 

Other Works

My Alternative Facts Madlibs - a game of Madlibs with the audience using Kellyanne Conway's Alternative Facts Interview,  America's Next Top Lobbyist - a short comedy about Top American Lobbyists based on America's Next Top Model, QVC with Miss Celeste, State of the Valentines cards: I sell Valentine's cards based on the State of the Union and the Rebuttal. 

And Well-Behaved Women, a Comedic Medieval Feminist Blog.

Cahn's sincerity and sharp humor are truly winning—I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire show…The topic itself is handled with care and sincerity, smart humor, and thoughtful staging. No unnecessary traumatic experiences weigh down this delightful evening, yet all the drama of youth is very real and relatable.

Theatre is Easy (for full review click here).

A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch trailer

A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch trailer

My Tinder Heart


An interactive game of tinder, in which I reveal a little about my own tinder experience and love life and then allow the audience to swipe right or left on tinder profiles I have created for public figures before choosing who I will ultimately end up with.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tinder Profile .jpg

Contact Me

If you would like to see the full video of A Lady Does Not Scratch Her Crotch or would like to have me perform this or a shorter piece at your College, Organization, Event, Charity, Party etc. Please Contact me! 

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